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Contract Manager - Chicago, IL

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Editorial & Content Development
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Chicago, IL US

McGraw Hill Education is looking for a strong candidate to join our team in the role of an experienced, innovative, strategic Director, Sales Operations working in our East Windsor, New Jersey office.  Does this sound like you?


Our Higher Education team delivers powerful platforms, highly personalized course materials, and effective learning supplements to help students achieve their goals at every stage of their academic and professional careers. 


Your contribution to the team includes: 

  •      Contract requirements review, contract creation, negotiation, drafting, securing stakeholder and leadership review of and finalizing contracts for the licensing, rental and sale of MHHE products and services. Contracts include subscription agreements, product purchase agreements distribution agreements and related statements of work, data privacy and security agreements, NDAs, and MOUs. Specific responsibilities include:
    •      Engagement of MHHE stakeholders in contract strategy meetings to identify key MHHE and customer requirements, deliverables, discounts, timelines, risk and risk mitigation plans;
    •      Generation of  standard MHHE revenue contracts for the licensing, rental and sale of MHHE subscribed materials, products and services;
    •      Development, or leading the development of revenue contract negotiation strategies.
    •      Negotiation of MHHE revenue contracts as individual contributor or as team leader
    •      Drafting of modifications to standard MHHE contract templates and simple to complex nonstandard terms with support from and or review by MHE legal, subject matter experts and stakeholders as required.
    •      Completes and delivers benefit/cost/risks  analysis briefings and recommendations on the key aspects of negotiated revenue contracts  to various levels of MHHE organizations up to and including MHE senior leadership team
  •      Higher Education Institution Data Security and Privacy Compliance Terms
  •      Review, negotiate, revise and finalize Higher Education Institution contracts and addendums for MHE compliance with Data Security and Privacy Terms.
  •      Review the business and contract requirements in Higher Education Institution Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals.
  •      Maintain Contract Management Process
  •      Assist leader in establishing an agile MHHE revenue contract management process that can scale and flex to variations in volume, nature of transaction, product and service delivery/fulfillment/discount model, customer type, due date acceleration and tract Contract terminations and renewals.
  •      Source for Contract Advice and Guidance.
  •      Serve as a primary MHHE point-of-contact to address contract questions and provide interpretation and guidance regarding MHHE and customer contract rights, obligations, expected outcomes and avoidance/resolution of contract issues/disputes. 

What you’ll need to be successful:


  • BA or BS degree in Business Administration, Finance or related field and 10 to 15 years of  experience in contracts management or similar role.
  • JD preferred with 3 to 5 years of experience as an attorney handling IP-related contractual matters (preferably in a field similar to MHHE’s business).
  • Fundamental understanding of common law principles of contracts and the elements of contract construction.
  • Knowledge of MHE company policies that govern MHHE contracts and contracting practices and  processes
  • Ability to prioritize and process a high volume of contract assignments based on their order to importance and to guide, direct and hold oneself accountable to execute and deliver on expected outcomes with minimal supervision.
  • Recognize when to engage MHE Legal and other MHE stakeholders and subject matter experts on contract provisions that pose exposure to liability, loss of IP rights or impose non-standard business or technical risks.
  • Basic knowledge of copyrights and licensing to effectively grant permissions for MHE customers in the higher education field to access and use MHE IP in a wide range of  revenue generating applications and transactions.
  • Strong verbal and writing shills to communicate the essence of complex matters clearly to the relevant audience of stakeholder, subject matter experts or members of the MHE senior leadership team.
  • Strong negotiating skills with the ability to catch nuances in discussions and communications that can impact the objective and outcome of the engagement.
  • Ability to draft contracts for business transactions consistent with MHE company policies.
  • Ability to guide and set expectations with stakeholders as to MHE rights, obligations and protections in MHE revenue contracts with respect to MHE business and financial goals and objectives
  • Strong program management skills to lead ad-hoc and extended groups of stakeholders through the contract expectation setting, contract provision-to-requirement-mapping, negotiation, review and approval stages of the contract management process.
  • Keen issue spotting skills and ability to identify the root causes of complex problems.
  • Agile, adaptable and effective contract support in responsive to changing business needs.
  • Innovation demonstrated through creativity and alternative thinking to develop new and different ideas for effective and efficient performance for contract administration tasks.
  • Ability to maintain composure, control emotions and calmly and effectively work through difficult, time sensitive and stressful negotiations and problem solving situations.
  • Ability and desire to personally connect and collegially work with others on projects that require cross functional skills and contributions.  

The Contract Manager performs, leads and supports the tasks, relationship building, personal interaction and processes required to produce the revenue contracts and associated documents, in accordance with company policies that govern MHHE contracts and contracting practices and  processes, for use by MHHE to achieve its financial and business interests, protect its intellectual Property (IP) and satisfy the requirements of its customers.

If this describes your background and expertise, we want to hear from you.



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